i am: siavash azizi

Siavash helps every day people find their perfect online niche idea, build a system around it, and win back their freedom, even if they don’t have any previous marketing experience (and I’ll prove it to you below.)

For now let me tell you more about ME and how it can help you…

Siavash is a team of niche site owners, affiliate marketers, digital product creators, freelance writers, online business owners and location independent marketers.

Marketing and Sales

Establish sales, marketing and advertising for brands in the Kurdish region

market research

Do all market research on the Kurdish region of the Middle East

Business Plan

Create economic and business plans for Iran and Iraq (Kurdish region)

Our sample portfolio


A platform to assist in the marketing and sales of products in the Kurdish border regions of Iran


A system for selling handmade dolls in low-income areas of Kurdistan to the whole world


The world of infinite 3D file “100 Toman” has started to work in the field of 3D file design in 2015.


Email: info@siavashazizi.com

Phone:   ۰۰۹۸-۹۹۸-۱۴۲-۲۹۹۹

Phone:   ۰۰۹۸-۴۴۴-۲۲۲-۲۹۹۹